Tuesday 6 September 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody and Derren Hayes

Betts brother sex crime

The brother of ecstasy victim Leah Betts was freed on bail
yesterday after admitting sex with tow girls aged 13 and 14.

Source:- The Daily Mirror Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Anthony arrest

A ninth man was yesterday arrested in connection with the murder of
Anthony Walker, 18, in Huyton, Liverpool.

Source:- The Daily Mirror Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Ketamine replaces ecstasy as the drug of choice

Use of the mind-altering drug ketamine is soaring in Britain, a new
Drugscope report has found.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Kelly talks tough on failing schools

Up to 250 schools which have failed inspections will be told today
they have year to improve or face closure.

The move will be spelt out by education secretary Ruth Kelly, in
her first of the new school year.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Eviction harm to Travellers

Continually evicting Travellers harms their health as well as
wasting council’s money, the Chartered Institute of
Environmental Health said.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Girls find baby in bag in pond

Police are investigating the death of a newborn baby found wrapped
in a bag by a pond by three 11-year-old girls at a Glasgow

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

‘Happy slap’ case

Thirteen boys, all 15, held after a boy of 13 was tied to a tree,
gagged and burnet in an attack in Bolton that was filmed on mobile
phones will not be prosecuted.

The Crown Prosecution Service said that Kyle Parker, the victim,
could not say which of the pupils at Smithhills school in Bolton
was responsible for which act.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 6 September 2005 page 2

Spending of £1bn to curb truancy

Spending of more than £1 billion has had no impact on truancy
rates over the past decade, a report says today.

At least 70,000 children do not turn up to school each day and the
number of pupils permanently excluded has risen by 20 per cent
since 2000, according to research by New Philanthropy

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Bad donations cost charity shops £4.5m

Charity shops waste about £4.5 million each year dealing with
unsuitable donations, such as stained clothing, single shoes and
books with missing chapters, according to the Association of
Charity Shops.

Source:- Financial Times Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

50p for E

Ecstasy pills are being sold on the streets for just 50p in
Portsmouth, 80p in Cardiff and £1 in Birmingham, according to
charity Drugscope.

Source:- The Sun Tuesday 6 September 2005 page 17

Clerics face jail over forced marriages

Clerics who participate in forced marriages could be charged with a
criminal offence and imprisoned under government proposals launched
in a consultation document yesterday.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 6 September 2005 page

Scottish news

Balancing the stress of school and being a carer

Feature on Samantha Anderson who began playing truant raising
concerns amongst teachers she fallen in with the wrong crowd.

But when school staff sat down with her to discuss the problem, a
different picture emerged. The 15-year-old from Falkirk revealed
her truancy was a result of increasing pressure she felt from her
home life where mornings and evenings she was the sole carer for
her disabled grandmother.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 6 September

Suicide prevention scheme receives £250,000

The Scottish executive is to give an extra £250,000 to prevent
suicide in the Highlands as part of a national scheme that will see
football fans, children and medical professionals join together to
raise awareness of the problem.

Lewis Macdonald, the deputy health minister, announced the funding
at the start of International Suicide Prevention Awareness

More than two people in Scotland commit suicide every day, with
numbers for young men being particularly high in the

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 6 September


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