Monday 10 October 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Derren Hayes and Amy

Families face huge bill to top up care policies

Thousands of people, most retired, are being asked to find large
sums of money to top up insurance policies which they bought
believing they were guaranteed long-term care if they became

One insurance company, Lifetime Care, says it is reviewing 14,500
policies and asking for an additional 60 per cent premium, on
average. Other companies that sold long-term care policies are
looking for increases of about 40 per cent.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 8 October 2005 page

Boy sent on anger course killed father

A 16-year-old mugger who was sent on an anger management course
after being convicted of a robbery failed to mend his ways and was
jailed for life for stabbing to death a father who tried to protect
his son from bullying.

Marcus Gabadan, stabbed the father of three in the heart with a
Swiss army knife in south London.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 8 October 2005 page

Head teacher plans for 364-days-a-year school

The head teacher of Hollingworth High in Rochdale plans to open the
school for 364 days a year with shifts and staggered

Teachers and pupils would attend for 190 days but on a rota system
that would include weekends and public holidays.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 8 October 2005 page

Charities to get millions after phone gift U-turn

British charities are to benefit from a multimillion pound windfall
after the government announced a change on the rules governing tax

Under the new rules charities will no longer have get a written
declaration from telephone donors who opt to add Gift Aid to their

Source:- The Times Saturday 8 October 2005 page 1

Hanging changes police policy

Police procedures were changed after an officer did not cut down
and try to resuscitate a man found hanged, an inquest was

The inquest at Cirencester heard that a person can survive for up
to eight minutes after the heart stops but the officer, following
instructions that existed in 2003 when the incident happened, left
the body alone.

Source:- The Times Saturday 8 October 2005 page 31

Girls suffered years of sexual abuse as officials

Three girls at the centre of an alleged paedophile ring in the
Outer Hebrides were repeatedly failed by social workers and police,
a report has concluded.

It condemned social workers on Lewes for failing to act sooner to
remove the children from their home and for being too willing to
believe the accounts of adults.

Source:- The Times Saturday 8 October 2005 page 33

Chief Rabbi warns of rise in anti-semitism

The Chief Rabbi has warned of an atmosphere of prejudice and said
speeches by public figures often contained “undertones”
of anti-semitism.

His remarks come amid growing signs of tension between Muslims and
Jews and follow claims that anti-semitism has become fashionable on
the political Left.

Source:- Daily Mail Saturday 8 October 2005 page 21

Blair’s baby Asbos

The Prime Minister has ordered his officials to prepare radical
measures to drive through his “Respect” agenda,
including “baby Asbos” to be targeted at children who
could be younger than 10-years-old.

Downing Street staff under the guidance of antisocial behaviour
tsar Louise Casey are preparing a Bill that Tony Blair wants to see
introduced into parliament by the end of the year.

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 9 October 2005 page

ADHD advice secretly paid for by drugs

Support and advice groups for parents of children with behavioural
disorders are being secretly funded by pharmaceutical firms.

The groups give out advice on stimulant drugs and other
controversial medical treatments for young children diagnosed with
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 9 October, 2005 page

Council fined over expelled knife boy

A council that expelled a boy for bringing a knife into class has
been fined more than £10,000 for “failing” to find
him another school.

The ruling by the local government ombudsman includes a £5,000
payment to the boy’s mother to compensate her for the
“anxiety and uncertainty she has suffered.” The 15-year
old boy attended a secondary school in the south London Borough of

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 9 October 2005 page

Britain’s shameless role in helping sex traffickers
keep thousands of women in slavery

Criminal vice-masters are making millions profiting from trafficked
women in a growing illegal trade, which MPs this week claim the
government is failing to stop.

Source:- The Independent on Sunday Sunday 9 October 2005
page 8

Dads get paternity leave for six months

New fathers are to be given the legal right six months’
unpaid paternity leave during the first year of their baby’s
life under new “family friendly” laws to be unveiled
this week.

The plan is contained in the forthcoming Work and Families

Source:- The Sunday Times Sunday 9 October 2005 page

Runaways plea

Two thirds of young people who run away from home are not reported
as missing by their families or carers, a study by the
Children’s Society found.

Source:- The Times  Monday 10 October 2005 page 2

Council’s warning

Union leaders representing two million council workers will reject
proposals to curb their pension rights at a meeting today with John

Source:- The Times  Monday 10 October 2005 page 2

Church leaders declare their opposition to assisted dying

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he remains convinced that
voluntary euthanasia was wrong.

Peers are due to discuss the issue today and a bill allowing
voluntary euthanasia is to be introduced later in the year.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 10 October 2005 page

Children being made deaf by cancer treatment

Several hundred children are being made deaf every year by the
drugs given to them to cure their cancers and save their lives, the
Royal National Institute for the Deaf has said.

The charity is appealing to pharmaceutical companies to develop
less toxic versions of drugs.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 10 October 2005 page

Scottish news

Home Office detains asylum critic, aged 13

An asylum seeker who criticised the deportation of the Vucaj family
has been detained by the Home Office.

Durre Maqnoon a pupil at Drumchapel High in Glasgow was arrested
and detained with her mother, Bushra, and a younger brother and
sister as they visited the city’s Brand Street immigration

The move calls into question First Minister Jack McConnell’s
“protocol” with the Home Office which is supposed to
ensure social work and education services are consulted before the
removal of a child – campaigners claimed this didn’t

Source:- The Sunday Herald Sunday 9 October

Scots urged to hit youth crime hard

The leader of the city council pioneering the use of anti-social
behaviour orders in England has urged his Scottish counterparts to
“take their heads out of the sand” and use the controversial
measures to combat crime.

Richard Leese was speaking just days before Jack McConnell, the
first minister, was to leave for a fact-finding visit to Manchester
with a delegation of Scottish council leaders.

Leese said: “Listen to what your communities are saying and act. If
you use the powers that are available to you, you will find in a
relatively short time you will start making a difference to the
quality of life.”

Source:- The Scotsman Monday 10 October

Inquiry into death of care home attack victim

A fatal accident inquiry has been ordered into the death of a war
veteran who was attacked in a care home by a fellow resident with
Alzheimer’s disease.

The family of Jim Hutchison are demanding to know why the attacker
was left unsupervised.

The veteran of the El Alamein campaign in the Second World War
suffered a broken leg and shoulder and died five days later in

Source:- The Scotsman Monday 10 October

Abuse victims may launch private prosecution

Three girls who claim their lives were shattered by severe and
prolonged abuse may mount a private prosecution, it has

A 162-page social work report released on Friday charted a
catalogue of physical and sexual abuse of the girls in the Western
Isles over more than a decade. Now it is understood the girls are
considering mounting legal action against their alleged abusers
even though charges against them were dropped.

Source:- The Scotsman Monday 10 October

Welsh news

Suicide husband texted wife

A husband told his wife that he was going to kill himself by a
series of text messages.

Richard Baker sent the texts before jumping off 200 foot

His wife Tania tried to find him before he jumped but did not
succeed. Baker’s body was found at the bottom of Southerndown
cliffs near Ogmore-by-Sea in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 8 October

Dream soccer trip is the bait to bring truant pupils back

Pupils at a school in Cardiff who attend lessons regularly will win
a trip to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United as a

The scheme, which is being run at Llanedeyrn High School, aims to
cut down on truancy and was thought up by local community police

Source:- Western Mail Monday 10 October

Half of risk assessments are left undone in mental health

Risk and relapse assessments had only been carried out on half the
patients in the four mental health wards in Wales, according to new

The situation has been revealed by a review of adult mental health
ward secure units.

Source:- Western Mail Monday 10 October

Archbishop condemns assisted dying Bill for the terminally

A bill legalising euthanasia could be changed after criticism from
the Welsh leader of the the Church of England.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has spoken out against
the policy.

Source:- Western Mail Monday 10 October


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