The Big Question?

Joan Scott – Inspired Services
When I worked I shared the child care with my husband but not all men will do that. There is talk about giving new fathers more time off work, which is good. It shouldn’t all be left to the mother. Children can get you down and if you don’t have some support babies won’t be better off with you. I say help both parents so they can stay at home if they want.

Jean Stogdon – Grandparents Plus
I agree that somebody needs to be there full time for under-threes. But it doesn’t have to be the mother – it could be the father, grandparent, or other relative. The vital thing is attachment and we must get that right early on. Nurseries are not right for this very young age group and I hope government policy does not push parents into using them.

Shaun Webster – Change self-advocacy group
I think fathers are just as good as mothers caring for babies. But when the midwife and community nurse come round sometimes they don’t even talk to the dad. Anyway, some mothers might not want to stay at home. It’s not the 1950s now – it’s modern times, so they should be allowed to work if they want to.

Angie Lawrence – Single mother
Wasn’t it psychologist John Bowlby who said an infant’s emotional welfare would be compromised if they didn’t receive their mother’s constant attention? For some mothers, being at home all the time can lead to depression and loss of identity. What is important is that children are raised in a stimulating environment with consistent love.

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