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Panorama: Please Look After Mum

Parental Alienation: How to Understand and Address Parental Alienation Resulting from Acrimonious Divorce or Separation

Parenting and Disability: Disabled Parents’ Experiences of Raising Children

Parenting in Poor Environments

Parental Substance Misuse and Child Welfare


Partnerships in Social Care: A Handbook for Developing Effective Services

Partnership Made Painless

Paying for Care Handbook (Fifth Edition)


People under Three: Young Children in Day Care

Personal Development and Reflective Practice in a Learning Disability Service

Personality Disorder: Temperament or Trauma

Person-centred Active Support

Person Centred Planning in a Learning Disability Service

Person-Centred Planning and Care Management with People with Learning Disabilities

Person-Centred Therapy

Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia

Planning for Life: Involving Adults with Learning Disabilities in Service Planning

Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care: Hidden Carers

Positive approaches to person-centred planning

Poverty Street

Practical Computer Skills for Social Work

Practical Guide To Social Welfare Research (The)


Practising Welfare Rights

The Presence of the Therapist


Producing Welfare. A Modern Agenda

Professionalism and Practice: Culture, Values and Services

Protecting Children: Developing Basic Skills

Psychological Therapies with Older People

Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction

Psychoses: An Integrative Perspective

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