Vetting scheme to cost more to run

The cost of running the new vetting scheme for people working with children and vulnerable adults is likely to be higher than expected, the government said this week.

It said as many as nine million people could be covered by the scheme, compared with its earlier estimate of around 5.5 million, after it found that an “unknown proportion” of the 2.8 million people employed in the sport and leisure sector could have contact with children and vulnerable adults.

This means annual operating costs could reach a peak of £22m, falling to £19m.

An analysis of responses to a consultation on the vetting scheme revealed that some respondents believed the government had underestimated the resources needed to introduce and maintain the system. But most approved of the government’s proposals.

The vetting scheme, which is being established following recommendations made by Sir Michael Bichard’s Soham report, will be introduced in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill, which is expected to be presented to parliament soon.

A Home Office progress report on the Bichard recommendations said new technology allowing police forces to share information on child abuse investigations would be rolled out next month.

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