Disability Discrimination, Law and Practice

Book Cover: Disability DiscriminationDisability Discrimination, Law and Practice
Brian Doyle, Jordans Publishing
ISBN 0853089574, £45


Anyone who subscribes to the definition of social work as working to promote the “empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being” would agree that it is essential for social workers working with disabled clients to have some understanding of disability discrimination law. This is exactly what this book provides, writes Ed Mitchell.

The book is written primarily for lawyers but its straightforward exposition of the key concepts means that it should be accessible to all. It goes on to deal with disability discrimination law which now goes beyond the fields of employment and private services to encompass housing, education and public transport.

The only small problem with the book is not of its own making. After its publication, the law changed with the enactment of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. But the author was able to anticipate accurately the likely effect of that Act from its pre-legislative history.

Ed Mitchell is a solicitor and editor of Social Care Law Today

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