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I have a nagging prejudice against “activities” in care homes, writes John Burton. I’ve seen too many activities programmes pinned up on notice boards in homes where there’s very little going on.

The inspector is happy to see a programme but fails to understand that it’s just another worthless piece of paper. Anyway, the idea of organised “activities” suggests to me that the rest of life in the home is dreadfully dull.

However, I’ve been made to eat my words often enough in the light of the wonderful work of several inspiring activities organisers I’ve seen in action, and, recently, by a clutch of excellent publications from National Association of Providers of Activities for Older People. Finding out a bit more about Napa might challenge my prejudices further, so I had a look at their website.

On the plus side, there is a wealth of useful information about Napa and its work: training, publications, links to other organisations – well worth looking at if you’re a care home manager or activities organiser.

The content is good but the presentation is mediocre – jargony, full of small text, and not regularly updated. Napa’s publications are generally lively and well written, reflecting their purpose.

Time to jazz-up your website Napa.

John Burton is regional manager, English Community Care Association

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