E-book review: The Divorce Survival Toolkit

E-Book - Divorce Survival The Divorce Survival Toolkit
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 Star Rating: 5/5

I can’t speak highly enough of this 20-page toolkit, writes Ed Mitchell. It’s easy to read (without losing anything in terms of legal accuracy), is written in an emotionally aware style, and it’s free!
As well as taking the reader through the legal steps towards a divorce, the toolkit is packed with helpful legal and non-legal tips ranging from getting the most from your solicitor and what to expect in terms of legal costs through to self-help skills for coping with the emotional fall out.

I would recommend the toolkit to any child care or advice professional working with those adults or children who would appreciate a clear road map of what to expect from a divorce. Indeed, I would go further and say that there are plenty of family lawyers who would also find it of great benefit.

Ed Mitchell is a solicitor and editor of Social Care Law Today

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