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Training Material - Supporting a child Supporting a Child with Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour
 Sharon Powell and Madelyn Green,
 ISBN 1904082882, £5


As a visual learner, my mind works and remembers information by bullet points. So this concise booklet, which uses bullet points and sub-headings to aid quick access, is a real find, writes Lyn Reeve.

However, I found the illustrations geeky and patronising: fat boy reading book and a peculiar Japanese girl crying by a radio were particularly irritating. There is a fine line between cartoon
characters highlighting and belittling important issues.

There is nothing earthshatteringly new about the booklet but I liked the content and it is always worth revisiting issues.

Everyone should read the section “Be a good role model yourself ”. In my role as mentor to BEd students I could easily use this as a tool for training – for example, taking specific points and relating them to children in the class. Behaviour  management is one of the hardest skills to quantify and share but the authors achieve this.

Lyn Reeve is a primary school teacher in Derbyshire


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