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The Mind section of is a mine of easily understandable information, writes Helen Waddell.

Advice guides visitors in the right direction without overloading on jargon. The “ABC” lists explanations of terms from “family therapy” to “Tourette’s syndrome” and its link to “schizophrenia”
is refreshingly lucid, clearing up misconceptions such as the mediainfluenced erroneous association with violence.

It is also possible to read about personal experiences and find further contacts and reading.

Although it is easy to navigate, annoying popup advertisements seem to be a necessary evil of this site.

Some of the sections in are aimed at professional rather than personal interests. This self-styled “Mental Health & Psychology Directory” offers job vacancies and a list
of business psychologists for companies in crisis. Other links include weblogs on depression and ADHD medication.

Evidently, this is the UK branch of a US website as many listings consist of North American links. This may explain why “Site of the Month” is “The Shyness Home Page”, and the  Amazon recommended books concentrate on shyness/social phobia/social anxiety. However, in my opinion this seems somewhat suspect as it may well be that social anxiety is a disorder being highlighted by US drug companies for commercial effect.

Helen Waddell is a mental health service user

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