Creative Writing in Health and Social Care

Book Cover - Creative WritingCreative Writing in Health and Social Care
Edited by Fiona Sampson,
Jessica Kingsley
ISBN 184310136x, price £19.95



From children in Macedonia to people with dementia in Britain this book explores the therapeutic use of poetry and storytelling in health and social care settings, writes Helen Howard.

This collection of articles reminds us that writing itself is the goal. The rewards of writing in health and social care settings are the same ones that reward all writing and there are many examples here of what those are.

This book aims to map the range of good arts practice and guide the traveller. It illustrates a variety of care contexts in the first section and provides analysis in the second half of differing art therapies.

It is designed with a wide audience in mind and so some chapters were more relevant to me than others. But whether you are a provider or practitioner, or a participant in creative writing you will find something here.

Helen Howard is a writer on health and social care and Open University lecturer

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