Plunging the depths

Samantha Morton overcame a difficult childhood, including time spent in foster care, to become an acclaimed actress. She has been nominated for two Oscars. You’d think the Daily Mail would approve of a young woman who has done so well for herself. Certainly not. The Mail reported that Morton is to play Myra Hindley in a television film and the paper is not happy.
Abused by her father, sent into care and haunted by an abortion at 16. Is this really the right woman to play Myra Hindley? thunders the Mail’s headline, a prelude to one and a half pages of pure vitriol. What a thoroughly nasty piece of journalism.

Meanwhile as the government announces its strategy on prostitution, the Mirror, Sun,Telegraph, Mail and Guardian helpfully printed photographs of girls in skimpy outfits to show us what prostitutes look like. Thanks for that.

All the talk of mini-brothels and red-light zones made it sound as though the government is keen on prostitution, which it certainly is not.

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