Web Review: www.soundjunction.org.uk




Run by: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, commissioned by Culture Online, part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport

Who is it for? People interested in making music

Highlight: This site is about exploring, discovering and creating music. You can listen to music and find out how it was made. You can even try making it yourself, using the interactive music tools. You can also find some cool tips on how to become a top musician.

The site looks professional and modern. However, the dark colours used make it seem quite serious and it is definitely aimed at older kids.

The site is packed full of information but there is so much it is difficult to know where to begin and some areas of the site aren’t very well explained. Lots of the more interesting parts of the site are only available if you download extra software, although this is free.

SoundJunction could be really improved if it had more information for beginners, more explanations and if it used more inviting colours.

Web review by Sophie and Jasmine Buckle, aged 11 and 10

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