Overhaul of social work in Scotland announced

Frontline staff will take on more responsibility as part of the “biggest overhaul of social work for 40 years” in Scotland, education and young people minister Peter Peacock said yesterday.

The minister’s remarks came as he announced the Scottish executive’s response to the 21st Century Review of Social Work report, also published yesterday.

Strengthening the role of chief social work officer and allowing experienced social workers scope to develop careers while staying in frontline work are also proposed by the executive.

Other government measures in response to the 21st Century Review include:-

• more involvement for service users and carers

• new “para-professionals” to work under the direction of social workers

•  setting national priorities for social work

• a review of education and training

Peacock said radical change is needed.

“The review makes it clear that the current response to growing demand for services is unsustainable and we in government have not only the opportunity to act on the report’s findings, but an obligation to do so,” he added.

The statement by the minister is an initial response and an implementation plan will follow.

21st Century review of Social Work report

Scottish Executive’s response.

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