Welsh deprived by English jail terms

Welsh young offenders placed in the English secure estate are having their education, health and resettlement opportunities blighted, a joint UK and Welsh assembly government paper has said.

The strategy to cut re-offending points out that English custodial institutions “ignore” assembly government policies to improve their lives, making it difficult for them to return to their home communities.

Most Welsh young offenders serve their sentences in England.

The strategy adds that offenders face a different curriculum in English institutions, where Welsh language issues are inadequately addressed. Their continuity of health care is also disrupted.
It also points to a lack of suitable housing for resettlement in Wales and an overuse of bed and breakfast accommodation.

The problem is exacerbated by a lack of “meaningful protocols” between youth offending teams and housing departments, and difficulties in securing long-term tenancies, the strategy states.

  • Joining Together in Wales from www.wales.gov.uk
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