Training Materials – I’m Gonna Go For It

Training Materials - I'mgonna go for it I’m Gonna Go For It


This 35-minute DVD is for people with learning difficulties who undergo heart surgery. It is also for their families, writes Carolien Thollebeek.

We see an excellent picture of Andrew’s point of view as we follow him through his journey in but also outside the hospital. The images of everything and everyone in the hospital are highly realistic and are suitable to prepare people as much as possible for this difficult period.

The viewer gets the whole context of heart surgery; for example Andrew’s family tells how they feel about it all. This makes it easier for the audience to identify with them.

It also makes clear to people with learning difficulties that undergoing an operation must be their decision.

In the beginning the DVD jumps from one scene to the other, which is confusing, but the part in the hospital is much clearer.

There isn’t much explanation about the heart and what a heart condition is. Perhaps that would be too technical, but there could be some more background.

Carolien Thollebeek is a masters student in orthopedagogics (study of disability, emotional and behavioural disorders) at Ghent University, Belgium

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