Teenagers form gangs to stay safe

Teenagers often form gangs with friends as a way of staying safe and out of trouble, according to a new study on children’s resilience by Glasgow University.

The research found that young people took responsibility for keeping themselves and friends safe by moving around in groups and looking out for each other, using mobile phones to stay in touch.

The report calls on policy makers to build on the strengths and aspirations of families in disadvantaged areas. This could include promoting informal networks that share information about safe activities and provide practical advice and support.

Parents interviewed had high aspirations for their children and many expected offspring to move away to improve prospects, the study showed.

Research was conducted in four disadvantaged Glasgow neighbourhoods with children and parents, by the team from Glasgow University.

http://www.jrf.org.uk/knowledge/findings/socialpolicy/0096.asp Summary of Parenting and children’s resilience in disadvantaged communities

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