Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Book Cover - child & Adolescent Pyschiatry Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
 Edited by Simon Gowers, Gaskell
 ISBN 1 904671 13 6, £25


Written primarily for staff involved with child mental health services, this is a concise and up-to-date collection of well written texts on the key child psychiatric conditions and their treatment, writes Panos Vostanis.

In addition to chapters on depression, autism, substance use, eating and psychotic disorders, there are a number of interesting broader topics on aetiology (the cause of a disease) in relation to psychosocial and biological factors, developmental theories, legal issues, and continuities of problems in later life.

The chapters on therapeutic methods and services give a good overview of the current status of child and adolescent mental health services.

If you are looking for brief but succinct overviews of child psychiatric disorders and interventions, this book will fit the bill.

Panos Vostanis is professor of child psychiatry, University of Leicester

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