Parents need to know

As a parent, I totally disagree with the decision to allow doctors to perform abortions on under-16s without parental consent.

By allowing under-age children to make major decisions about their lives without the emotional and psychological support of parents, the courts are slowly eroding parents’ rights.

This will mean the parents of some children who undergo this procedure will be unaware of their children’s emotional, psychological and physical needs over this period.

Parents and children need to be given  support. But the government and judiciary system must not be allowed to decide that children can go off at the age of 15 and have an abortion without telling their parents.

I had children for me, not for the government, and I do not expect the government to trample over my rights as a parent.

What if the abortion goes wrong and that child cannot have children of their own in the future –who is responsible for that? Will it not be the parents and the family who will have to pick up the emotional and psychological pieces?


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