Peer pressure should be taken account in sentences for robbery

Young offenders could be given lighter sentences if peer pressure is found to have influenced their decision to commit a robbery, under new proposals published today.

A Home Affairs Committee report says that delayed development amongst some young offenders and whether they have been influenced by adults should also be taken into account by sentencers.

The MPs go on to recommend that in appropriate robbery cases sentences could be deferred in order for restorative measures to take place, such as restorative justice proceedings where offenders meet their victims, to help prevent re-offending.

They add that research has shown drug treatment makes a significant difference to people’s likelihood of offending and call for more community orders with drug rehabilitation requirements to be given out when non-custodial sentences could be justified.

The MPs’ recommendations relate to draft sentencing guidelines on robbery published by the Sentencing Guidelines Council last November.

Committee report on draft sentencing guideline on robbery from:

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