The Big Question

Is the Not Dead Yet UK campaign by disabled people right to oppose assisted dying legislation?

Should all unpaid carers be entitled to flexible working arrangements?

Should councils have the automatic right to set up community schools?

The government is pledging zero tolerance on elder abuse. Will this be effective?

Should misconduct hearings for social workers be held in private or public?

Should public sector workers have to wait until they are 65 to collect their occupational pensions?

Should older people be guaranteed a minimum level of care as the Wanless report recommends?

What do you think of the government’s decision to drop the Mental Health Bill?

Should protection of vulnerable adults be put on the same statutory footing as child protection?

Should people who provide services to direct payment recipients be vetted under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill?

Do you agree it is time to Stand Up for Social Care?

Should more be done to tackle the stigma of mental health problems?

Should the Child Support Agency be scrapped?

Will disadvantaged children in the school system be safe in the government’s hands?

Do you support the social workers who have united to fight section nine?

Are welfare reform proposals to get one million incapacity benefit claimants into work fair?

Is it ever right for someone on the sex offenders register to work in schools?

Can the government teach respect?

Should there be a smoking ban on all premises where care staff work, including service users’ own homes?

If you had one new year wish, what would it be?.

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