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Do you agree it is time to Stand Up for Social Care?Stand up for Social Care 125x125

Angie Lawrence – Single mother
Many people in the community receive help from social care professionals. When asked “Who has the biggest influence on you?” the vast majority of these people answer “my social worker, who changed me and my life for the better”. We must maintain and improve the social care we offer in this country – it is essential for the community.

Richard West – Inspired Services
It is the right time for a campaign like this.  Social care must have the funding it needs so people can live an ordinary, healthy life.  People aren’t asking for luxury, just help to eat the right food, live without being threatened and bullied and so on. The current system isn’t fair: we’re finding it very hard to get funding to live independently with the support we need.

Len Smith – Gypsy activist
Social care needs fighting for and is worth fighting for. I have seen times when social care was at a minimum, provided by charities and socially aware individuals. Quality was patchy to say the least and many in need got nothing. A proper system of state social care should ensure that all who require it get it, and that must be defended at all costs.

Kerry Evans – Parent of two severely autistic sons
It is only now that he is 15 that my autistic son Chris is receiving the level of care he deserves and needs.  Seeing pictures of him happy at a specialist school makes the fight for social care worthwhile. Striving for a high level of care has been like fighting for the right to life for my son, and will continue into adulthood.

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