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Children in Need

Contact details:
General enquiries: BBC Children in Need Appeal, PO Box 76, London W3 6FS. Tel: England 020 8576 7788; Scotland 0131 248 4225; Northern Ireland 028 9033 8221; Wales 029 2032 2383.
Website: www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey

What is it?
A grant-giving charity for disadvantaged children and young people that distributes the funds raised by the BBC’s annual Children in Need Appeal.

Who runs it?
A board of trustees appointed by the BBC’s Board of Governors.

How much money does it give away?
Over £34m in 2004/5.

How big is each grant?
In 2004/5 grants ranged from a few hundred pounds to œ900,000.

Who or what is the money intended for?
Projects that work with disadvantaged children below the age of 18 living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Projects should aim to tackle disadvantages such as:

* illness, distress, abuse or neglect
* any kind of disability
* behavioural or psychological difficulties
* poverty or situations of deprivation

What kind of projects are eligible?
Projects should be aimed at changing the lives of children and young people for the better. They should be entirely focused on children and young people, take their views into account and involve them in decision making. Grants are not available for trips abroad, medical treatment/research., eficit funding or repayment of loans, retrospective funding, projects unable to start within 12 months, general appeals or endowment funds, statutory responsibilities, or projects which promote religious activities.

Who can apply?
Voluntary organisations, self-help groups and registered charities that are not for profit and have a constitution or a governing document, have their own bank/building society account, and have at least two cheque signatories. They must also have a written child protection policy and adequate insurance

How do I apply?
Application forms are available from the above addresses or can be downloaded from the website. For details on applying online email cingrants@bbc.co.uk

When should I apply?
There are two deadlines: March 30 and November 30.

How are applications assessed?
Assessors will contact all eligible applicants and their referees during the two months after each application deadline. They will seek information on the organisation’s governance, costing of equipment and services, insurance policies, how it works with other groups and services, how the project will be monitored and evaluated, and what child protection measures are in place.

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