Pushchairs kill conversation

The Daily Mail has one of its shock-horror-decline-of-family-values stories this week, with “Why not talking to children kills the art of conversation.”

It reports that increasing numbers of children arrive at school barely able to speak except for “monosyllabic grunts.” Even worse, the “demise” of forward-facing pushchairs are blamed for “conspiring” to destroy conversation between children and parents. A suggestion – why don’t children improve their language skills by reading The Daily Mail? The front-page story “Why Cocaine Kate is Smiling” will surely stimulate infant brains everywhere….

According to the Daily Mirror, a poll for right-wing think-tank Migrationwatch said 69 per cent feared Britain was losing its own culture because of immigrants….but given that our culture created the often dire Daily Mirror and yawnsome Migrationwatch, is it really worth hanging onto anyway?

The Daily Mirror also reports what could be quote of the tabloid week with the story of how council officials sent Liz Bateman, 71, a bus pass for the next 203 years in High Wycombe, Bucks. She said: “I think rigor mortis will have set in long before 2209.”

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