Developments in Direct Payments

Book Cover - Developments in Direct Payment Developments in Direct Payments
 Janet Leece and Joanna Bornat, Policy Press
 ISBN 1861346350, 19.99


Employing staff can be one of the most empowering things when it works, writes Annette Whittingham. The authors illustrate this well in this essential read for anyone involved in the promotion and implementation of direct payment schemes.

Each of the easy-to-read six sections has clear sub-sections and covers the use of direct payments by all service user groups and recognises that people’s needs rarely divide neatly into separate health and social care categories.

I found the case studies and voices of experience particularly interesting. They drew me to make comparisons with my own users of the scheme and ways it could be more useful in promoting independent living, and giving users greater choice and control over their lives.

From the personal assistant’s perspective, employment law and administration of the scheme, it focuses on the fact that direct payments are not for everyone. But they can be the answer if managed effectively to achieve independent living outcomes.

I was nonetheless left with some questions – what is the future for direct payments and what developments can be made in regulating the system to protect the carers and cared for?

Annette Whittingham is a care manager, Independent Living Team, Derbyshire Council

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