You’re fired…

The Sun has the best take on Labour’s “black Wednesday,” suggesting that all three cabinets culprits – Hewitt, Prescott and Clarke – should be on The Apprentice.

Sir Alan on:

Charles Clarke: “Charlie, you’ve been a complete merchant banker. Letting crims run rand willy-nilly and ‘iding from the public”.
Patricia Hewitt: “Patty. This is your third time in here. Listen love, as sure as there’s a hole in my a***, there’s a hole in the NHS finances”.
John Prescott: “John – quiet when I’m talking, John – you’ve been caught with your trousers rand your ankles and wiv your blooming secretary. Nobody understands a word you say and you mess up every task.”

The other big tabloid story of the week was undoubtedly the fall-out from Jade “Kebabs” Goody’s pathetic attempt to run the London Marathon. Goody is unfortunately the new mascot of the NSPCC. Wonder if there are any red faces in the charity? Reports told of her collapse after failing to train, instead stuffing her face with curry..

The Archbishop of York is the latest public figure to stick up for hoodies, the Daily Mirror reports. Dr John Sentamu, 56, Britain’s first black archbishop, urged a conference not to judge teenagers by their choice of fashion. Speaking at a youth work forum at Bradford, West Yorks, said: “Ninety-nine per cent of those who wear hoodies are law-abiding citizens.”

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