Psychoses: An Integrative Perspective

Book Cover - Psychoses Psychoses: An Integrative Perspective
 Johan Cullberg, Routledge
 ISBN 1583919937, £19.99


Cullberg has produced a very readable volume, writes Richard Curen. Divided into two parts, diagnosis and recovery, each of the 27 chapters could be expanded into books in their own right.

Frustratingly, the chapters on autism and childhood psychoses, and on psychological treatments were very brief, leaving me wanting to read more on these areas. But Cullberg uses excellent case studies that truly bring the book to life, and the writing is concise and jargon-free.

The author is able to move effortlessly from cognitive and behavioural models to psychoanalytic formulations on the genesis and presentation of psychosis.

He is also able to present traditional and new theories from the fields of neurobiology, medicine and psychology.

This is an excellent introduction for all mental health professionals, as well as those with relatives or friends whose lives have been affected by the complex conditions that come under the psychoses umbrella.

Richard Curen is director of Respond and is a trustee of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability, and the Survivors Trust

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