Secure homes can work successfully with CAMH services

With regard to the article about Secure Children’s homes failing children with mental health needs, I find it hard to understand how a survey of 13 people can come to this conclusion.
As a manager of a secure children’s home, I believe we provide an excellent mental health service in conjunction with Sheffield Forensic CAMHS. The service includes clinical child and adolescent psychiatric/psychological input and provides mental health assessments, mental health training and support for staff, court reports, and therapies (cognitive, inter personal and family).
I believe that the Sheffield Forensic CAMHS is fulfilling the recommendation of the development of a local multi agency mental health strategy for both Yots and secure establishments contained within the 2005 YJB report, Mental Health Needs and Effectiveness of Provision for Young Offenders in Custody and in the Community.
Jon Banwell, Centre Manager, Aldine House Secure Children’s Centre

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