Young People in Care and Criminal Behaviour

Book Cover - Young People Young People in Care and Criminal Behaviour
 Claire Taylor, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN 1843101696,


In a well-written, thought-provoking style, Claire Taylor draws powerfully on the narratives of young people’s “looked after” experiences and unpacks the often commonsense association made with criminal behaviour and care, writes Giles Bashford.

Written before the full impact of the Children Leaving Care Act 2000 can be truly assessed, the author highlights themes that are depressingly familiar.

One example is the woeful and out-of-date nature of much residential care provision in the UK that can, through its rigid rules and high staff turnover, encourage and exacerbate young people’s problems and potential to commit crime or be criminalised.

Taylor also pulls out what works for young people in care, advocating the need for long-term foster care and education to assist in helping to develop secure strong attachments and resilience.
The most powerful aspect of her work were the narratives of those in her study; stories that must be listened to and acted upon if we are to act as corporate parents should.

Giles Bashford is assistant team manager, 16+ team, Solihull Council

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