Police chiefs warn that domestic violence incidents could increase during the World Cup

Domestic violence may be more likely to occur during the World Cup, the Association of Chief Police Officers has warned.
Professionals working in domestic violence have raised concerns based on previous experience, according to ACPO.
The association also cites academic research suggesting a link between domestic violence and major sporting events.
Police forces will make sure adequate patrols and specialist investigators are available on key days during the tournament.
The effect of the World Cup on domestic violence will be monitored by police.
“Our advice to victims would be that if you are worried that you will be more at risk during the World Cup don’t wait – contact the police or any of the victim support services who will help you,” said Brian Moore, ACPO lead on domestic violence and deputy chief constable of Surrey Police.
“Communities can play a huge part in stopping domestic violence by sending the clearest signals that unlawful violence will not be tolerated,” he added.

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