The Developing World of the Child

 The Developing World of the Child
 Edited by Jane Aldgate et al, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN 1843102447,


This tract on child development is an essential resource for practitioners, their managers and anyone studying social work with children and families, writes Joanna McCann.

It describes our growing understanding and application of child development theories, from the period of the 1950s (for example Bowlby) to the most recent.

Although the chapters are written by more than one author (each an expert within their field) it nevertheless succeeds in linking the different threads and perspectives to provide a coherent whole.

Frameworks, theories and influences are followed by the implications and applications for practice for children at different ages. Although some authors’ styles are more accessible than others, all chapters are thought-provoking and useful. References are provided throughout, making it easy to follow up particular areas of interest.

With many possible uses – for practice, for study, for training, for development – and packed with information, my only regret is that the index is not more detailed as I found myself searching for gems I’d read in previous chapters.

Joanna McCann is an independent trainer and social worker

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