Analysis of Molly/Misbah case

Court order breached in Molly/Misbah case
Whether Molly went willingly with her father or not, however, her removal to Pakistan was a blatant breach of the court order that had awarded her care to her mother.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 2 September 2006, page 9

Parenting test for IVF is scrapped
IVF doctors will no longer have to vet their patients’ suitability as good parents before agreeing to treat them.
Source:- The Times, Saturday 2 September 2006, page 18

Blight of Britain’s first supercasino
Supercasinos will create a social disaster by acting as a magnet for mafia gangs, drug dealers and prostitutes, according to a hard hitting report. The full impact of Labour’s plans to relax the gambling laws is laid bare in a study prepared by Brent Council.
Source:- Daily Mail, Saturday 2 September 2006, page 1

One ‘problem family’ costs £250,000 a year
Problem families whose members commit crime, live on benefits and have poor health cost the state £250,000 a year each, research for the Prime Minister’s strategy unit has found.
Source:- The Observer, Sunday September 3, 2006, page 14

Sex assaults in school rarely bring expulsion
Schools are largely failing to expel children found to have sexually assaulted classmates or staff, and choosing to suspend them instead.
A Sunday Telegraph investigation found large variations in the way councils handled referrals from schools about alleged assaults.
Source:- Sunday Telegraph,  3 September 2006, page 12

Pension plan ‘will hit low earners’
Millions of low earners will lose out from government plans for a compulsory savings scheme for workers to shore up Britain’s pensions, research from insurer Standard Life has found.It found that people over 42 earning less than £20,000 a year would lose out by having to pay 4 per cent into the proposed National Pension Saving Scheme because they would be paying for benefits they currently received from the state.
Source:- Sunday Telegraph, 3 September 2006, page 12

Bankers turn to drink as pressure intensifies
London’s professional classes are now drinking so much that Alcoholics Anonymous has to hold 22 meetings a week across the City and Canary Wharf. Increased
problem drinking by bankers, lawyers and accountants has been blamed on the pressures of the boom in mergers and acquisitions.
Source:- The Observer, Sunday 3 September 2006, page 10

Tories admit past mistakes over public service workers
The Conservatives will admit today that previous Tory governments have belittled public service workers and exaggerated what they have to learn from the private sector.
Source:- The Guardian, Monday 4 September 2006, page 7

Ministers pick Phillips to lead new human rights and equalities body
The government has chosen Trevor Phillips to be the head of a new human rights and equalities body.
Source:- The Guardian, Monday 4 September 2006, page 8  

Children of addicts more likely to become addicts or marry an addict
Adult children of alcoholics are at increased risk of becoming addicts and continuing the cycle of abuse themselves, the healthcare group the Priory has claimed.
Source:- The Independent, Monday 4 September 2006, page 8

Scottish news
No social care news today.

Welsh news

Council told to pay father £89,000
A local authority has been ordered to pay a father £89,000 in compensation for failing to investigate his daughter’s claims that he abused her almost ten years ago.
The girl, aged 13, made the claims in 1997 when her father had a job where he worked with children.
But Wrexham Council did not investigate the claims due to the girl refusing to testify and not wanting her father to know that she had made the allegations.
The girl made further allegations which she then withdrew. After an investigation by the NSPCC the father’s two sons were placed on the child protection register. The local government ombudsman found that there had been “repeated, prolonged and serious maladministration” by the council  in its failure to investigate the girl’s original allegation which could not be substantiated.
Source:- Western Mail, Saturday 2 September 2006

MP takes on prison fears
MP David Davis has backed Wales on Sunday’s campaign to ban paedophiles and sex offenders from Prescoed open prison.
The campaign was launched after two child rapists escaped from the prison in Usk. The Tory Monmouthshire MP said that he said that he would push for a meeting with the home secretary John Reid about the prison.
Source:- Wales on Sunday, 3 September 2006


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