Local bodies ‘out of touch’ with grass roots

Local bodies ‘out of touch’ with grass roots
The new head of the Local Government Association has ordered a shake up after allegations that it is not adequately representing councillors.
Paul Cohen, the chief executive, has started an independent review of the association.
Source: The Times, Friday 8 September 2006, page 16

Websites that fail children face action
Websites that fail to protect children from harm will face legal action and bad publicity the police officer in charge of the new Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre has said.
Jim Gamble said that he would name and shame sites that were “obstructive or unhelpful” before taking legal action.
Source: The Financial Times, Friday 8 September 2006, page 3

NHS rife with ageism
Ageism is endemic in the NHS with older patients denied life saving treatments which are routinely offered to younger people, a leading professor has claimed.
Source:- Daily Mail, Friday September 8, page 22

Bupa fined £90,000 over death in care home
The private healthcare giant Bupa was fined £90,000 yesterday for safety lapses that led to the death of a 95-year-old woman at a care home in Kent.
Source:- The Guardian, Friday 8 September 2006, page 10

Church schools ‘favour middle class over poor’
Middle-class children are more likely to get into church schools than those from poorer homes, regardless of whether they live within or outside schools’ catchment areas, a study has found.
Source:- Daily Telegraph, Friday 8 September 2006, page 10
Home Office fails over prisoner release
Serious offenders are being released without proper risk assessments in four out of ten cases, a trio of criminal justice inspectorates have found.
The report by the probation, prisons and police inspectorates revealed failings in information sharing between agencies.
Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 8 September 2006, page 12
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Burger van exclusion zone plan for schools
An exclusion zone surrounding fast food vans near schools is being considered by a council.
Newport Council has become increasingly worried about the high number of pupils who use the vans at six secondary schools in the area.
Source:- Western Mail, Friday September 8 2006

Teacher ‘put hand on girl’s thigh’
A pupil told Swansea Crown Court how she watched as a teacher put his hand on one of her classmate’s thighs.
The 32-year-old teacher, of Aberystwyth, denies five incidents where he is alleged to have touched the girl.
Source:- Western Mail, Friday September 8 2006

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