Training Material: Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing

 Raising Concerns and Whistleblowing
 BVS Training, £195 (


Any training resource that sets out to encourage staff to report bad practice has to be welcome. However, although it makes a good attempt, ultimately this CD-Rom left me feeling slightly disappointed, writes Sarah Baalham.

Aimed at care staff and new carers, I felt some of the language and jargon might be off-putting, and there was a lot of emphasis on policies and following “established procedures”. The music and graphics were disappointing for a modern training resource, and there were far too many shots of the presenter standing stock still in front of lists of bullet points.

There were some useful tips for people considering reporting a concern, and it is helpful to compare whistle-blowing itself
with the daily business of raising concerns and giving feedback.

Those appearing in the scenarios were service users and staff. The scenarios could encourage further discussion in training groups. But I am not sure this CD Rom is reassuring enough to persuade a new carer to report possible abuse,so it may be a missed opportunity.

Sarah Baalham is customer care manager, Suffolk Council

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