Councillor queries Haringey conduct

A Haringey councillor is calling for an independent investigation into allegations that a child was “snatched” from outside their foster home less than two hours after their carer lost a legal fight for guardianship.

Gail Engert, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for children, has written to the council asking for a beacon council or a children’s charity to investigate the case.

Engert told Community Care she had been unable to obtain any details about the case to establish what had happened because a court order had imposed strict restrictions on disclosure of information.

“Very serious allegations have been made but I am unable to get the other side of the story because of the secrecy ordered by the court,” said Engert, adding she had a duty as a corporate parent to be aware of what happened.

The move follows attempts by a party colleague, councillor Bob Hare, to seek answers from the council about the case. He said: “I am not even being given the absolute minimum of information. I was told the case had been a difficult one and the foster carer was unco-operative. But I don’t think you can say negotiations have broken down after just two hours. It just doesn’t stack up.”

In response to Hare’s criticisms, the council issued a statement saying: “We are not going to get into a running commentary on this case.

Therefore we have no further comment to make.”

The council refused to tell Community Care whether it planned to investigate the allegations.

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