Training Materials Review – Person Centred Planning in a Learning Disability Service

Person Centred Planning in a Learning Disability Service
Jenny Pearce, BILD
ISBN 1904082998, £20


This study book covers the major learning routes such as the Learning Disability Awards Framework and NVQ Four for those practitioners who are in senior roles in learning difficulties services, writes Matt Dore.

The workbook consists of theory, useful activities, case studies and resources. The seven chapters go through the basics of person-centred approaches, including styles, skills, barriers, funding, the impact and context of person-centred planning.

But while all this study may be good for me, how beneficial is it for the people I support? The point in any learning must be
the challenge to do things better in a more inclusive and personcentred manner. It is easy to see why sceptics label person-centred planning as another politically correct concept, if the outcomes do not change that much.

For me this is why workbooks like this need to be taken seriously and worked through by as many people as possible. The outcome must not merely be a piece of paper for a person’s career, but it has to help people with learning difficulties live
the lives they want to live and do the things they want to do.

Matt Dore works with people who have learning difficulties in Hampshire

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