The Essential Carer’s Guide

The Essential Carer’s Guide
Mary Jordan, Hammersmith Press
ISBN 190514007 X, £14.99





Anyone caring for elderly relatives or friends must have a copy of this excellent book which is full of sensitive, caring practical advice and resources, writes Merle Fletcher.

Written in a straightforward style, it is easily accessible to the situation at hand. It moves from managing change, bereavement, finances through to social needs, medical and nutritional problems to dealing with dementia, choosing a care home and caring for the carer. Each has a section with further information and contacts and ends with a useful contacts list.

Although the book is aimed at those caring for elders it is also of benefit for those caring for younger people.

As the author says: “In the real world people fall ill suddenly, accidents happen, sudden deaths, events overtake us and the role of carer is suddenly ours without planning or forethought.”

If you find yourself in this situation then this book will be a comprehensive and supportive guide which gives you all the
practical help and contacts needed and makes you feel valued and supported in your task.

Merle Fletcher is an adoptive carer, social worker and a freelance practice assessor

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