What should the Blairs do next?

When Tony Blair steps down as prime minister, he and Cherie should move to a deprived area and offer legal advice to projects working with people in poverty, says social care campaigner Bob Holman.

He calls on the couple to commit themselves to living in one of the 600 most deprived wards in Britain for at least five years.

Writing in the newsletetter Faithworks www.faithworks.info he urges the couple to shun honours and instead gain a deeper understanding of life in an unequal society through befriending people on low incomes.

“The Blairs do not have to live in a slum but could rent or buy a modest flat. They should restrict their income to no more than the average wage. Their young children should accompany them and attend local schools.”

Holman concedes that the first few weeks might be challenging “because of the interest of the press and wariness of residents”.

But he says the Blairs will win acceptance if they offer their skills as lawyers to people threatened with eviction, asylum seekers, women suffering abuse, families facing care proceedings or teenagers in trouble with the law.

“Tony Blair would make a great sports leader while Cherie’s interest in fashion and music would engage the teenagers,” he adds.

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