Top tips on post registration training and learning for social workers

The General Social Care Council suggests the following:

  • It’s your responsibility as a registered social worker to complete your PRTL requirement.
  • It doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming – look at the guidance on the GSCC website.
  • It can be certified training or incorporated in your day-to-day work.
  • It’s in your best interest to complete it so you can offer the best care to service users.

Ideas for achieving PRTL
• Keep detailed records.
• Hang on to all certificates or attendance records.
• Job shadow a colleague.
• Do research related to your practice.
• Set aside some regular time dedicated to research or learning about a new policy.
• Hold discussions with colleagues about your field of work.
• Develop your learning needs and outcomes with your manager and share your learning with your colleagues.
• Go to events and workshops.
• PRTL can be in-house training on anything that allows you to do your job better.
• If you can identify professional development then it can count towards your PRTL. Examples might include team meetings or training events that benefit your personal development; reading an article, report or document; taking on new or different responsibilities; completing induction.
• Do some certified training or study.
• The post-qualifying award can count towards PRTL.

Please note full guidance is available. Above is an extract only and the GSCC recommends reading the full guidance as these tips will not relate to all registered social workers’ needs.



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