NHS spending

NHS spending
Sir Derek Wanless, whose report for the Treasury in 2002 sparked a huge increase in NHS spending, will investigate where the money went.
Source:- The Times, Friday 20 October 2006, page 2

CSA to be allowed to write off £1bn owed by fathers
A promise to track down more than £1 billion owed to thousands of single mothers by absent fathers has been abandoned by the government.
Source:- The Times, Friday 20 October 2006, page 36

Judge spares the ‘selfless’ husband who helped wife with MS to die
A husband who helped his terminally ill wife to die when he found her attempting suicide for a third time walked free from court yesterday. David March, 58, was given a suspended prison sentence after a judge said he had displayed ‘selfless devotion’ to his wife Gillian who fought multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years.
Source:- The Daily Mail, Friday October 2006, page 5

Legal bid to stop adoption
Madonna’s adoption of an African boy could be halted by a new court action in Malawi.
Source: Daily Mirror, Friday 20th October, page 7

No nhs beds for section patients
Some sectioned mental health patients have to stay at home because of a lack of beds on NHS wards, according to the British Medical Association.
Source: The Independent, Friday 20th October, page 21


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