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Conservatives have set up a commission on social work – are they serious?

KIERRA BOX – Young people’s activist
The Tories would love to be seen as friendly and selfless, but they will need to sustain taxation and redistribute funds from other areas to provide the cash to be truly serious about social work and to make any real improvements. But, like Labour, these are just pre-election promises. In power, I can see them selling off services.

ANGIE LAWRENCE – Single mother
The Conservatives are not renowned for their admiration of social work. They are not a caring party. They do not reach out to those in society who cannot fend for themselves, who need real, practical help and guidance to manage their lives and overcome problems. Their whole ethos would need to change if they were to take
social work seriously.

KAREN SHOOK – Disability equality adviser
Have they involved service users and carers in this idea? I think not. Will the commission be made up of people who have a genuine influence over policy? I think not.
Will it really make a difference rather than just paper over the cracks in the system? I think not! Very few commissions do anything positive.

KERRY EVANS – Parent of two severely autistic sons
David Cameron’s office once asked me to contribute to a group looking at making services more local for disabled people. Having a disabled child, Cameron
understands the need for joined-up services. I just hope theory can be transferred to practical legislation. The will is there for change, which is the first step.

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