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Becky Walker said:

The ongoing debate regarding ‘Looked after children’s’ needs, sees continuity and stability being a key theme. This is never easy for social worker to achieve, when social workers change on a regular basis.Care planning is often a ‘paper based’ working relationship with young people.Social workers case loads can be at high levels and fraught with complexities.The time spent with an individual LAC is limited and this I believe affects the quality of the relationship a young person and social worker can have; thus limiting the difference a social worker can make to a young person’s well being and positive life chances.Continuity and stability could be achieved in this particular working relationship, if social workers case loads were less hectic, their status more valued in society and if social workers had an incentive to stay in their posts for longer. I agree that changes around re-structuring services and ownership of LAC needs in the proposed way, may not alter the outcomes for ‘Looked after Children’ .

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