The Big Question

Following their poor report from the Youth Justice Board, should Asbos be abolished?

KAREN SHOOK – Disability equality adviser
Asbos will not achieve anything positive for the community or the young people who are issued with them, unless there are
viable alternatives for the recipients. Sustainable, motivating schemes to unite communities and make them proud of their areas can help reduce problems. Asbos move the problem elsewhere.

ANGIE LAWRENCE – Single mother
Many youths who receive Asbos will have behaved poorly as children in order to gain attention. They will have been labelled as having behaviour problems in primary school and the response from adults will have encouraged such behaviour. They are never empowered with the ability to control their own behaviour so Asbos cannot be the solution.

Asbos should be abolished as they are not doing the job they set out to do. Just slapping an Asbo on someone is like putting a sticking plaster on a bleeding artery. We’re talking about young people who are often from broken families or who’ve been excluded from school and have ended up in gangs. We are punishing when these kids need care and attention.

JOAN SCOTT – Inspired Services
They ought to put some of these kids in the army or bring back borstals for them. But parents don’t cuddle their children often, then they don’t control them when they are naughty. So we still need Asbos. You’ve  got to be able to discipline kids and let them know you love them. Half the trouble is drugs – get rid of them and you solve a few problems.


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