Riots break out at Harmondsworth following damning report

A major disturbance began at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre last night after the publication of a damning inspection report.

Fires were lit at the centre in the early hours of the morning and a number of specialist officers from prisons across the south of England have been sent to deal with the incident.

All four wings of the detention centre are involved in the disturbance. The police have also been called in and have helped the prison and immigration services to secure the centre’s perimeter.

The report, published by the chief inspector of prisons, Anne Owers, states that conditions at Harmondsworth are “inimical to the proper care and treatment of detainees.” She said the report was the poorest she had ever issued on an immigration removal centre.

A Home Office spokesperson said that they were not aware of any injuries to staff or detainees at the centre and that there was no risk to the public.

Harmondsworth can hold 501 detainees and is currently holding 482.

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