Parents could be sent paedophile text alerts

By Mithran Samuel and Derren Hayes

Parents could be sent paedophile text alerts

Parents could be sent text messages warning them that paedophiles are living in their areas under plans being considered by the government.

The prime minister’s strategy unit mooted the proposal in a paper for Tony Blair’s current policy review, alongside suggestions that sex offenders face chemical castration.

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 17 January 2007

Unions warn employers to expect demands for big pay increases

The government looks set to face high pay bills or industrial conflict in the public sector as this year’s pay round draws near.

Local government staff are calling for a 5 per cent rise or a cash increase of £1,000, whichever is greater, despite Treasury calls for pay rises to be kept down to 2 per cent.

Source:- The Financial Times Wednesday 17 January 2007

Catalogue of abuse in NHS care homes

The NHS faces being stripped of its responsibility for learning difficulties services, after the second damning report on health-run care in sex months.

The report into Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust, which follows last July’s damning report on NHS services in Cornwall, detailed incidents of physical and sexual abuse and described the outdated conditions and care provided to service users in one long-stay hospital and several community homes.

Ministers are predicted to end the NHS’s commissioning responsibilities in learning difficulties services and transfer these to councils, which has happened in the majority of areas.

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 17 January 2007 page 1

Society Guardian Wednesday 17 January 2007 pages 1-2

Bill of no rights for young offenders

The Liberal Democrats and young people’s charity Rainer have tabled an amendment to a provision in the Offender Management Bill’s proposal to remove the legal requirement that 18- to 20-year-olds are held in young offender institutions, not adult prisons.

Rainer said it was worried that the provision would lead to more young adults being sucked into a career of crime and that this vulnerable group would be robbed of support in overcrowded adult jails.

Source:- Society Guardian Wednesday 17 January 2007 page 2

Scottish news

Concern over the cost of vetting forces U-turn on bill to protect vulnerable groups

Ministers are expected to make changes to important pieces of legislation following serious concerns from stakeholders.

Following a damning report from the education committee, Robert Brown, the deputy education minister, is expected to drop retrospective checking in the Vulnerable Groups Bill until further consultation has been completed.

The Prostitution Bill – designed to stamp out kerb crawling by prosecuting both the buyers and sellers of sex on the streets if they are causing nuisance or alarm – is also expected to be watered down .

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 17 January  


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