Loving Mr Spock: Understanding an Aloof lover – Could it be Asperger Syndrome?

 Loving Mr Spock: Understanding an Aloof lover – Could it be Asperger Syndrome?
 Barbara Jacobs,
 Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
 ISBN: 1843104725,

The first half of this book is a first-rate introduction to Asperger’s syndrome in adults, writes Beth Billington.

Barbara Jacobs writes as if telling her story to a close friend, and I found myself engaged with the narrative. She introduces theory into the story at appropriate moments, so that readers with no knowledge of Asperger’s find their questions answered.

As well as telling the story of her relationship with a man who received the diagnosis of Asperger’s, Jacobs shares her findings from an online survey of couples where one partner has Asperger’s.

She also presents diagnostic guidelines and advice on work and the condition. The problem is these sections don’t easily sit within a “story” book, and the skill with which she incorporated theory into the early part is lost. I found myself muddled by the structure, although the content itself was interesting.

For adult couples who think that Asperger’s might be an explanation, or who have recently received a diagnosis, this book will be relevant. There is explicit guidance on managing relationships for those who might want it, and the story of the relationship is also touching for anyone who enjoys narrative accounts.

Beth Billington is a clinical psychologist working with adults who have learning difficulties. She has family members with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder.

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