Child Neglect: Special Report

    Despite its prevalence, child neglect receives relatively little attention. But if we are to protect children from significant harm we need to stop neglecting neglect. This is also the subject of a major conference in London on 19 April 2007, see page 19. Early intervention is the key, so we look at the negative impact neglect has on child development; the factors that influence a practitioner’s decision to refer a case of neglect; and we guide you through the graded care profile – an operational approach to intervention.

    Tackling child neglect: David Howe explains the importance of understanding child development

    Tackling child neglect: Jan Horwath considers factors around referring neglect cases

    Tackling child neglect: Patrick Ayre on the graded care profile’s benefits

    Interview: Beatrix Campbell and Judith Jones on their new play, Blame

    Theatre Review – Blame



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