Twincredible? You decide!

Twincredible? You decide!

They might come across as blonde and a little bit ditzy but Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda (the pair are also known as Samanda) must be doing something right as they have reached week 7 without a nomination for eviction!

The twincredible pair, who are social work students at Manchester Metropolitan University, have graced our scenes for 50 days and look as though they could go the distance in the Channel 4 TV reality show.

Slightly worrying for someone planning a career in social work, Amanda dislikes depressed people and politics but their social skills are clearly above par as they remain free of nominations.

Their highlights so far include water fights, craftily stealing chocolate after hours, their telepathic (or psychopathic as they said) task and Amanda’s day dressed as a hotdog as a punishment for being vain.

The twins have also been in the thick of most of the fun but, do they get your vote?

Should they be evicted for crimes against social work? You decide
Yes – email putting “yes” in the subject line

No – email putting “no” in the subject line

About them


Status: Single.

First Words: “Oh my God its pink.”

Life Philosophy: “If my tricks don’t work, my looks will.”

Likes: Finishing her twin sister’s sentences and dancing.

Dislikes: Mean girls, politics, depressed people.

Why BB?: Wants to be on it because it looks like so much fun.

Confiscated Items: MP3 Player, two CDs, four DVDs, phone charger without a phone, two eyeliners, four eyeshadows and a pink whistle.


Status: Single.

First Words: “Oh my God, love it.”

Life Philosophy: “Girls should never have to pay for their drinks.”

Likes: Hot boys, free drinks and shopping.

Dislikes: Complicated jokes, mess and being alone.

Why BB?: “Everyone gets a tan.”

Confiscated Items: A pink whistle.

Our favourite twin quotes

On exotic food

Amanda: “Can we also have some couscous? What is couscous?”

Big Brother: “What do you think couscous is Amanda?”

Amanda: “Is it cheese Big Brother”

On telepathy

Sam: “We’ve got to be telepathic to win a party. I’m not telepathic…I don’ t have a clue. How can you draw someone else’s thoughts?”

Amanda: “We’re psychopathic!”

On hair

Amanda: “Look at my roots. They’re really, really bad and they’re driving me crazy – I have a phobia of roots. They actually scare me when I look in the mirror. I get really scared.”

On being informed she’s missed the opportunity to add bleach to the shopping list, Amanda: “Oh no Big Brother, don’t say that. I’m going to have a breakdown. It’s the worst.”

On the Big Brother House

Amanda: “Oh my god, it’s pink.”

Sam: “Oh my god, I love it.”

On dressing up 7/18/20077/18/2007

Amanda: “I don’t like being a hot dog no more. It’s dead uncomfy and it strangles me.”

On Chanelle’s nomination for eviction

Sam: “It was a massive shock to hear you’re up. I could have had three nominations, you could have had four, but it doesn’t mean people don’t like you. You’re dead funny. And if you do go, you get to meet Davina! Hello, famous person.”

On clothes sharing

Amanda: “Sam, honestly, you’ve ruined my top and I’m never going to be your friend ever again. I’m so upset I’m never going to be happy again. I need a happy room!”

On a Big Brother task

Amanda: “You must give Big Brother a very special present. Party goers must use their creativity and ingenooe?”

Ziggy and Gerry: “Ingenuity.”

On creepy crawlies

Amanda: “I hate spiders…but I wonder if I’d be scared of them if they were pink?”

What you said on our discussion forum

Here are the highlights…

“Okay so they are not everybody’s cup of tea but underneath a very thick layer of fluff and make-up the twins on Big Brother, who are both social work students at Manchester Metropolitan University, seem like nice girls.”

“I think the twins are a great advertisment for social work. I imagine they will work together when they qualify, so you will get two social workers for the price of one. I can’t imagine any crisis situation that couldn’t be resolved by two giggling twins dressed in pink.”

“The reality is they’ll probably have negligible (if any) effect either way [on the image of social work]. Although, thinking about it, I’m sure their experience of living alongside some of the most screwed up people in Britain for a few weeks will boost their credibility no end when it comes time to apply for their first social work job.”

“I think they will help to show Social Work is not all flowing pleated skirts, leather patches and cords! I guess this is the new breed of social workers going into university at 18….”

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