Training Material: Dead Right!

Dead Right!
A Barnardo’s film by its Rollercoaster project supporting young people affected by trauma, bereavement and loss
Barnardo’s Scotland

Star Rating: 5/5

Made by children affected by trauma, bereavement and loss, this 35-minute DVD is part of a training programme to support carers, teachers, social and health care workers in dealing with children’s health and well-being, writes Kelvin Karim.

The film makes use of three sketches that clearly illustrate the range and depth of emotions that may be associated with complicated grief. Although the stories reflect the extreme end of trauma, the overall message of the film is optimistic.

It places emphasis on the need for healthy grieving and the role of adults in facilitating this. Practical ways to deal with the emotional pain associated with grief are also highlighted.

The use of animated puppets and drawing with a fairground backdrop provides a visual means of reinforcing key messages. However, some viewers may question the need to make some of the animated characters appear odd, even ugly. The use of distorted voices, together with some of the background music, tends to give this film an unnecessarily sinister feel.

Notwithstanding this, the film is likely to succeed in its objective of raising awareness of children’s needs and rights in relation to trauma, bereavement and loss in the context of a wider training programme.

Kelvin Karim is a TB clinical nurse specialist at Doncaster Primary Care Trust

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