Newcastle YOT project cuts offending

‘Let’s talk about sex and violence’

A wild child who is shouting out for help


National Autistic Society gives backing to Credo Care

Nurturing out behavioural problems in school



Bringing some joy to Christmas in care


Supporting the families of prisoners

Early intervention pays off in Cambridge

Teen parent training in Coventry


Hayward Adventure disabled children’s playground, Islington

Housing and training for care leavers

Parenting support in Tower Hamlets

Lambeth mediation service for young people who have left home

Professional support for prisoners’families and children

Milton Keynes school based early intervention programme

In celebration of the Children Act 1948


University signs up to quality mark for care leavers

Handling disruptive situations in residential care

Opportunities to develop career in multi-agency working

Play and adventure centre for special needs children

Parents from ethnic minorities with mental health problems and their children


Louder than words

Looked after children get confidence boost from advocacy project


Cricket helps engage hard to reach children

Salford YOT – use of restorative justice

Pre paid cash card helps Cambridgeshire’s looked after young people use activities

Crime mentors tackle young crime

Foetal alcohol syndrome

Rural answer to dearth of care for girls


Moat House: helping young mothers gain from education

Dealing with an overnight influx of roma child asylum seekers

US exports culture of summer sibling camps to the UK

Engaging refugees communities at school

Research: poverty parenting and social exclusion


Recruiting male foster carers

A first hand account of being an adoption social worker

Concurrent planning in foster care

Supporting families whose child has a terminal illness


Sensory theatre for disabled children

Dutch have courage to change

South Gloucestershire’s beacon is shining light for children in care

Supporting the parents of children with conduct disorders

Research Abstracts: Parenting Support


Young Runaways Project reduces numbers of children missing in care from Lancashire

Operation Fox brings social work to school

Disabled kids speak out

Parents with mental health problems and their children

Research Abstracts: Impact on children’s live

Lucy Faithfull Foundation expands work with sex abusers

Tackling children’s drink and drug problems

Guide to attachment disorder

Life skills programme helps vulnerable young people

Multidisciplinary social work in schools

Research: children with disabled parents

Research abstracts: Children with disabled parents


Blind children benefit from specialist sports clubs

Healthy eating programme helps Romanian immigrants in Spain to integrate

Building Bridges: a Family Welfare Association project for children with parents who have mental health problems

Sunderland Council: Youth development in practice

Welsh school pulls out all the stops to tackle underage drinking


Short-term support fostering care in west London

Modern-day pessimism is making our children ill

Teenage pregnancies among children in care: research

Research Abstracts: Teenage pregnancies

Peacemakers in Peterborough: defusing racial tensions

Social work practice placements in Lewisham schools: an innovative project



Community radio: two Manchester projects

Working with sex offenders: Helen Stanley

Support for young carers

Research abstracts: young carers


The Fostering surgery: therapeutic support for foster carers in Leeds

The effect of family poverty on children

Antisocial behaviour: how one family was turned around

South Central Youth: gang members to youth workers

Foster placements and domestic violence fuel youth’s aggression

Young offenders: Coldingley prison’s crime diversion scheme

Effective support for kinship carers

Bullrush cottage: a children’s home run by Educare

Children with complex health and social care needs

Research abstracts: Children with complex needs

Research reviews: services in rural areas

Research abstracts: social exclusion in rural areas

Hackney’s model for change draws widespread interest

How the child protection system under utilises the extended family

Swinfen Hall YOI: how it won a top best practice award


Counselling for birthparents of looked after children

Where exactly should social work end and therapy begin?

Talking therapies for children with mental health problems: the obstacles

Homeless children: the work of Step in Nightstop

Mental health crisis among young people: research

Life-story work: Trudy and Keith Pye break the mould

The social care needs of refugee and asylum-seeking children

Research abstracts: Child Refugees and asylum seekers in families


Children North East and Fathers Plus: engaging fathers in Sure Start

Fathers are marginalised, says Gary Clapton

Poverty and parenting

Warrington project reduces children running away from home

Involving children and young people in decision-making

Research abstracts: Children’s participation

Coping with divorce and separation

Children in care have their say

Voice: the charity for children in care

How one children’s centre is leading the way in engaging ethnic minorities


Research: Social work training and communication

Risk factor: should a five year-old-girl have contact with her family?

Therapies for children who have been sexually abused

Assessing the suitability of new adoptive parents

Research Abstracts: Approaches to adoption

Helping a ‘lost child’ regain self-worth

Social pedagogy and the children’s workforce

Intensive care turns around disruptive boy


Witness to domestic violence: creative ideas to help children

Helping refugee children at school: Oxford’s Oasis project

Leaving care services depend on what section is used

Welcare, Generate, Webster-Stratton: building fathers’ parenting skills in south London

Where foster carers assess

Parents who have learning disabilities

Brighton drugs and alcohol project aims to keep families together


Gang member risks violence and imprisonment

Craig-y-Parc School, Cardiff: helping children with learning disabilities achieve more independence

Projects that prepare children for a life after care

Sport can bring different ethnic communities together Good practice in providing accessible and appropriate childcare for disabled children

Research realities: Exercise and self-esteem

Research: children’s centre pilot link worker post

Participation of children in shaping services

Research Abstracts: Participation of Children


Portsmouth project is success with antisocial children

The Risk Factor: How intensive therapy helped a severely neglected boy

Car maintenance project helps troubled teenagers avoid custody

How the idea of honour among families can cover up abuse

How Northern Ireland’s fostering service helps foster carers deal with schools

Marginalised children: New ideas to help hard-to-reach teenagers

Thousands of child carers excluded from government statistics

Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board creates training framework

Teenage boy in care rages after family split

Delivering children’s services through the voluntary sector

Why new powers for teachers to control pupils are welcome

Are children’s services cost effective?

Research Abstracts: Resilience in Young People

Research: Resilience in fostered young people

Parenting intervention programmes: do they work

Research: Conduct disorder programmes

Research Abstracts: Conduct disorders

Glasgow’s underprivileged children who show emotional resilience


The Risk Factor: A therapeutic school helps a neglected, traumatised boy rediscover his identity

How to support young carers

Research abstracts: young carers


Child neglect

Safeguarding children at licenced premises in Sheffield. A Community Care Award winner

Nowhere left to go

Practice comment


The Big Book Bash, Community Care Award winner 2006 looked-after children category


Inappropriate sexual behaviour: the risk factor. Andrew Durham and Patrick Ayre on the case of an adolescent whose behaviour is causing concern

Award winner profile: the Impact Project from the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum

How an Ealing care leavers project scooped the top prize

What have we learned? Child death scandals since 1944

Award winners: Family Days scoop the top prize. How did they do it?

Clic not clique: A scheme in Stoke has put care leavers at the centre of its service management



Contact at Christmas. Should an alcoholic mother be given access to her fostered children?


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